The Vision


6S is a management company designed to provide Artists and Creative types with a fair financial compensation for their talents via managing their career and securing them a steady source of Income!


Toronto is a rapidly growing city boasting a population of 5 million, with that comes more and more creative people that are artists aspiring for success in their respective fields. It is so hard to work on your craft in a bustling, expensive city such as Toronto and than have to worry about getting a fair financial compensation from your work to make a living. 

With a heavy focus only on the bottom-line a lot of big businesses in the industry shortchange artists. The sad thing is that so many artists are forced to settle they have to pay for bills, rent and other immediate needs. At 6S this is UNACCEPTABLE! 


The main difference between 6S and other management companies is that we won't take on a client unless we believe in them and the unlimited potential of their Art.   

It's "easier to sell" an Artists work if you believe that their work is unique and extraordinary!

Less is More, 6S is not going for volume, we are not trying to manage as many clients as possible instead we are trying to Focus in on the clients we do have and try to push their Career further than they ever thought it could go.

To achieve this 6S does 1 on 1 individual meetings and brainstorming sessions with each individual Client. We go above and beyond just listening and taking notes, have you ever been asked what your dream goal is? Grammy? Oscar? Major media exposure? We will listen and offer step by step moves to work our way to Accomplish it!


Toronto First than the World!